Frequently  Asked Questions


Q - What is CeraZorb?
A- CeraZorb is an acoustical ceramic tile floor underlayment that is installed under ceramic tile and natural stone flooring and offer impact sound reduction and crack suppression.
Q- Can CeraZorb be used with radiant floor heating systems?
A- Yes, Cerazorb creates a thermal break between the heating system and the sub floor. Cerazorb has a 1.5 R-value at only 5mm thick.( read more about Cerazorb TBU )
Q- Can I use CeraZorb Underlayment instead of a cement board?
A- CeraZorb Underlayment is used in areas where sound isolation and crack prevention are required. CeraZorb is not a structural product and the sub floor must not exceed deflection of L/360 of span including live and dead loads. Cement board is not required if the structural requirements are met.
Q- What type of adhesive do I use when installing CeraZorb?
A- The CeraZorb Underlayment is bonded to approved sub floors using a Impacta T-700 bond coat adhesive. Once the CeraZorb underlayment has been adhered to the sub floor a Latex modified thin set is recommended.
Q- Where can I purchase CeraZorb?
A- Select the distributor button on the top navigation bar